Happy Halloween from Hiccup and Toothless!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is huge for me. I love sewing costumes and would probably do it every day if I had no other obligations. In fact, the whole reason I wanted to learn to sew is so I could make costumes! Each year I make our costumes from scratch, and I loved being able to do it this year as well.


This year my two boys opted to play roles from How to Train Your Dragon. Mr. R, my almost-five-year-old, loves donning his Hiccup costume, while Mr. A plays his trusty dragon, Toothless (by the way, I REALLY wish I got some better pictures, but we were in a rush so it is what it is!).  The Hiccup costume was made completely from scratch. There are a lot of pieces involved, but it all came together so nicely so I’m happy to have spent the time doing it. The Toothless costume only took a couple of hours to put together, since I bought the shirt and pants from the store and just had to make the hat, tail, wings, and shoe covers. The costumes are based off of this tutorial found on Make It & Love It. I’ve followed several of the tutorials on there and they are all fabulous! The owner of the blog, Ashley, is very talented at not only sewing but general home projects as well. Plus her kids are adorable! She has tons of detailed costume tutorials that are easy to follow, so if you’re looking for a new costume idea for next year, definitely check out her site.


May your little fairies, pirates, and vampires have a spooktacular fun-filled day, and may you take the time to plan so you can spend the time with the people and things you love!