Monster Mash Tour: Aang from Avatar

Welcome to my stop on Sewing by Ti’s Monster Mash blog tour! This is actually my first blog tour, and considering it’s Halloween-based and Halloween is my favorite thing to sew for ever, it’s a match made in heaven. I hope you enjoy this costume of Aang from Avatar!

Monster Mash Tour: Aang from Avatar by Sewing Blue

Babies are the sweetest to sew for. As long as it’s something comfortable for them, generally there’s no complaints while they wear it, so you can make them wear any adorable outfit, like this costume here. (P.S, never seen Avatar: The Last Airbender? Check it out! It’s clean, entertaining, good for kids and adults, and inspires cute baby costumes!).

My friend asked me to make this for her son, and I like to think this is what Aang looked like when he was a baby. I tried to match it as much as I could to the original, plus make it easy to take on and off. It’s made out of flannel so it should be warm for being out on Halloween night. A zipper in the front holds it together. It’s no secret: I hate zippers, but when I complete them right like this one, it makes it so worth it!

Monster Mash Tour: Aang from Avatar by Sewing Blue

The cape is attached to the body so it won’t get in the way. The only piece not attached to the body is the sash, which is on purpose – I figured it’d look better than having a zipper down the middle of it. In these pictures it’s actually an unsewn piece of fabric tied in the back! I plan to add Velcro strips to the back of a sewn sash for the final costume.

Monster Mash Tour: Aang from Avatar by Sewing Blue

The pattern for this is based off of an 18-month sized pajama onesie. I widened the legs, and added elastic to the bottom of the knees for a knickerbocker look (I think that’s the funniest word! I’d totally write this post just to say that. Go ahead, you know you love it. Knickerbocker!). I added a mandarin collar too. The sleeves are actually too tight and too long so I’m redoing those, but overall I’m very pleased by how this turned out!

Monster Mash Tour: Aang from Avatar by Sewing Blue

This is Aang, trying desperately hard to master his air-bending skills. Oh I love this kid – such a cutie! Thanks to my friend for letting me sew for her son and share these adorable photos of him.

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Monster Mash Tour: Aang from Avatar by Sewing Blue