14 Boy-Approved Pajama Patterns

Back in September, I made some pajama pants for Mr. R and Mr. A as part of a contest for Patterns for Pirates. Though I didn’t win, I had so much fun making the pajamas! I wanted to share them in a special way, so I thought I’d do a round up of some boy-approved pajama patterns. Though most pajama patterns can be made for boys and girls, I made sure to leave out the extra frilly options. 😉

The list includes both free and paid for versions. You’ll find that though the free versions are great, the size options are usually very limited. It takes a lot of time and effort to draft patterns in different sizes and test for the sizes, so you know when you pay for a pattern you are usually getting something high quality. Either way you go though, you will be supporting a sewist who will be very appreciative of you sewing her pattern!

Baggy Pajama Pants

Charley Harper Flannel Pajama Pants by Jess of Craftiness Is Not Optional

The cuffs on these pants by Craftiness Is Not Optional… I DIE! Better yet, they allow for extra growing vertically since they can be unrolled. Add Star Wars buttons and your boys won’t want to take them off. Free pattern available for 3T.


The Easiest Way to Make Kids PJs by Its Always Autumn

Its Always Autumn shares a great tutorial on making your own pajama bottoms (and top for that matter) based off of your own clothing. You’re guaranteed to get a perfect fit this way.


Boys Pajama Pants by See Kate Sew

See Kate Sew’s pajama pants for boys have elastic cuffs to make sure no breeze sneaks into those cute pants. She also included an adorable applique pattern for a fox to make a matching top. Free pattern available for size 5T.


Walk the Plank PJ Bottoms by Patterns for Pirates

I made a couple of matching pajama bottoms for my older boys from this free pattern by Patterns for Pirates. Having made them, I can say they are my personal favorite. The pattern is very simple, comes in sizes 3m-14, is professional, and best of all, is FREE! And aren’t my boys so cute in bugs? 

Button-up top and bottom set

Pajama Rama! Christmas Pajamas by Shwin and Shwin

Button up pajamas say “Holidays” all over them, don’t they? These cute ones by Shwin & Shwin come with a free 4T pattern. She gives suggestions for modifying the size if you need to go that route.


Holiday Night Pajama PDF Pattern by Sew A Little Seam

 If you’d rather not adjust the pattern, you can opt for this pattern by Sew a Little Seam. It includes sizes 12 mo – 12 years, and a bonus: it comes with a short sleeve/shorts option. You’ll be able to make perfect-fit pajamas every Christmas for your kids!

Knit top and bottom pajama set

Pajama Rama 2014 by Shwin and Shwin

Before sewing (and still when I don’t feel like whipping up a pair) I would just buy knit pajamas like these from The Children’s Place. But when you find awesome knit fabric like this, why not make your own? Shwin & Shwin offers a free pattern for sizes 12 months and 12 years.


Free Knit Pajama Sewing Pattern by DIY Crush

Want your pjs to have some fun cuffs? Use Denise’s free pattern (size 9) and put your color blocking skills to work! There’s a short-sleeve version in sizes 10-12 for free as well.


Movie Night Pajamas by Sew a Little Seam

Sew a Little Seam offers another wonderful pajama pattern for purchase. Like her button-up, short- and long-sleeved versions are available. Offered in sizes 12 mo-12.


Infant Footie Pajama Pattern by In The Little Stone Cape

In the Little Stone Cape made newborn footie pajamas with snap closures. Newborns especially need their feet covered since you can’t cover them up with loose blankets! This great pattern is available for free here.


Classic Footed Pajamas by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop

Need something bigger than a newborn size? Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop has you covered (Pun not intended… *wink*)! A a side note, this pattern shop has a large number of wonderful pajama patterns. I was half tempted to write this post about only their patterns, but I figured you’d like a little variety!

Sleep sacks

Celebrating Baby {Free} Newborn Gown Pattern and Tutorial by Stitched Together

Though not technically pajamas, sleep sacks are worn at night, so we’re going for it. This version is fun, as it’s intended to be worn alone as opposed to over pajamas. Better yet, Stitched Together has offered it for free!


Slumber Sack by Peek-a-boo Patterns

Another love from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop, this sleep sack is offered in sizes preemie-24 mo. This is a different flavor, having snaps at the top as opposed to an opening at the bottom.

Long Johns

Lil Long Johns by Peekaboo Pattern Shop

I have saved the best for last. LOOK AT THAT BUM! I love the names for this flap: “access hatch”, “drop seat”, “fireman’s flap” (via Wikipedia). Though this is a faux flap, it’s still adorable. Thank you Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop for making our children’s bums irresistible.

14 Boy Approved Pajama Patterns by Sewing Blue