How to Host a Dragon Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago my dear Mr. A turned three (read here about his crazy car birth). He has always had a thing for dragons. In fact, one of his first animal sounds was a dragon. So when he informed me he wanted to have a dragon birthday party, I was delighted – until I checked Pinterest. There are hardly any dragon party ideas out there! Seriously? How can such a revered, awe-inspiring creature not have tons of parties surrounding it? So move aside dinosaurs and unicorns. I bring you… a dragon birthday party.

The Invitation

I’m a big DIY-er, and if I can make something myself I usually do. This is what happened with these party invitations!

Dragon Birthday Party Invitation by Sewing Blue

“Prep your wings and fly with me…” doesn’t it sound like you’re being invited to an epic dragon flying session? I can’t wait!

I printed a bunch of these at my local copy shop as 5″x7″s, made some envelopes with my Cricut Explore 2 cause I’m obsessed, and sent them off in the mail.

Want a similar one for your own little dragons? You can get a copy here.

The Decor

Our home has a long, open layout between the living room, dining room, and kitchen. For the party, activities took place in the living room, while the food was placed and eaten in the dining room.

I went fire-color theme to go along with the dragons, so the living room had yellow, red, and orange streamers across the ceiling. And along the divider between the living room and dining room… hanging dragons!

Dragon Party flying dragons by Sewing Blue

I found cut files for these incredible flying dragons at the Chaiv Etsy shop. The shop owner, Vin, provides detailed instructions on how to put them together at her blog. If you aren’t in the mood to make them yourself, you can also buy them ready-made.

Dragon Party flying dragons by Sewing Blue

They are so intricate and beautiful that I can’t bring myself to take them down yet! I catch myself staring at them all day long. It’s so much more fun than doing dishes!

Dragon Party birthday banner by Sewing Blue

Up next is the birthday banner. I created it using an existing banner template in Cricut, changed the wording to say “Happy Birthday”, and added these dragons on the sides. You can access the banner file from my free resource library (it’s in Cricut Design Space, sorry I haven’t been able to convert it to other file formats. You’ll have to manually add the dragon stencils in Design Space since I’m not able to share a link to Design Space with custom images).

Above the banner is a 3D Dragon, guarding the feast below and protecting it from uninvited guests. I made two of these – one here and one on our front door to welcome guests to the party. Now that the party is over, both Mr. R and Mr. A each have one in their rooms.

Dragon Party food table by Sewing Blue

As a final decor item, I bought a silver and gold tassel garland at Walmart and wrapped it around a table, complete with a red tablecloth. Thanks to my Cricut Explore 2, the party looked perfectly dragon-esque without too much effort on my part!

The Food

I tried to have all the food related to dragons somehow. Some items were things dragons would eat: animal crackers as farm animals, Swedish Fish, and Pigs in a Blanket. Others were elements of dragons: Fire Cakes (using this tutorial), Bugles as Dragon Claws, Dragon Poop as inspired by this beauty (come on, I have three boys. I didn’t want to, but I knew I had to do it.) Then to go super easy, I got juice boxes and sliced apples and had self-proclaimed Dragon Juice and Dragon Fruit. Bam. Could have even thrown some soda in there and called it Dragon Pop. Just put “dragon” in front of anything if you’re feeling lazy and it works!

  • Dragon Party pigs in a blanket by Sewing Blue
    Pigs in a Blanket
  • Dragon Party fish and farm animals by Sewing Blue
    Fish and Farm Animals
  • Dragon Party dragon claws by Sewing Blue
    Dragon Claws
  • Dragon Party dragon fruit by Sewing Blue
    Dragon Fruit
  • Dragon Party dragon poop by Sewing Blue
    Dragon Poop
  • Dragon Party fire cupcakes by Sewing Blue
    Fire Cakes
  • Dragon Party dragon juice by Sewing Blue
    Dragon Juice


The Activities

Dragon Party flame by Sewing Blue

As the dragon guests entered the lair, they were invited to show off their fire breathing skills by taking a picture next to the fire photo-op. I have so many skillfully taken photos of children blowing fire that I’m half convinced the children were dragons in another life! This idea can be seen here as well.

I’m much more proficient at designing on the computer than painting, so I made another design for my Cricut machine so I could use colored cardstock. Just because of the size, I had to divide the red and orange pieces in the middle and tape them together once my Cricut cut it out. You can download the cut file here.

Dragon Party coloring station by Sewing Blue

After each guest had their turn blowing fire, they grabbed a dragon coloring page and colored it on… wait a second, what is that? It’s my sewing mat! When you need a large, hard surface you can put on your carpet, it works like a charm!

The dragon pictures used are this, this, this, and this (from bottom to top in the picture).

Dragon Party beanbag toss by Sewing Blue

Last, but not least, is the bean bag toss made from a cardboard box. I cut circles out using my circle rotary cutter, and used the same dragon cutout in the banner above. The box also doubled as an excellent cat toy after the party was over, as you can see our cat demonstrating here. 😉

Mr. R exclaimed that this was the coolest party ever, and I must admit this was one of my favorites as well. But alas, it is over. As Tolkien expressed, “So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.” 

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How to Host a Dragon Birthday Party by Sewing Blue