30 Dreamcatcher Ideas for Kids

“Mommy! MOMMY!”

One night Mr. R awoke in the middle of the night screaming my name. I rushed in to see what had happened, and he lay there in his bed shaking with fear. “I had a bad dream!” Oh, my dear boy. Why do the thoughts of our heads scare us so in the middle of the night? When I was young, dreams involved dolls coming to life to attack me frequented my mind. Now as a parent seeing my son go through the same thing, I wanted to provide some solution. I told him we could make him a dreamcatcher when he awoke. And so we did.

The history of dreamcatchers is quite interesting. In Native American Ojibwe legend, there is a mythological figure, Spider Woman, who watched over and protected the children. As the Ojibwe Nation grew and Spider Woman was not able to watch over them personally, she taught mothers and grandmothers how to weave “spiderwebs” into wooden hoops to be hung above the cradle as protection. In the 1970s the term “dreamcatcher” caught on and these spiderwebs turned mainstream and took a modern spin to them. Now there’s many kid-friendly ways to make them, too! I have 30 dreamcatcher examples I collected below, but first I wanted to share the ones we made.

30 Dreamcatcher Ideas for Kids by Made for Little Gents

The dreamcatchers that I created with Mr. R and Mr. A (Mr. A needed one too of course!) are made from wrapping yarn around a metal ring in a random pattern, pulled taut and each section wrapped around the loop twice to help it stay in place. While I helped making the webs, the boys picked out an assortment of colorful beads and alphabet beads to hang beneath the loops. They then threaded their designs onto three strands of yarn that I tied onto the hoops. At the bottom of each strand we glued bright colored feathers.

Mr. R often wakes up and tells me that he had a good night’s sleep because the dreamcatcher caught his bad dreams. While a dreamcatcher isn’t necessarily going to protect your child from nightmares all the time, it sure brings comfort and is a fun home-made decoration to put in your child’s room!

30 Dreamcatcher Ideas for Kids by Made for Little Gents

Dreamcatchers today have such a beautiful variety other than the standard spiderweb weaving. It was so fun to gather these 30 different options below for inspiration! Some incorporate favorite objects in the middle of the hoop, others are unconventional hexagon shapes, and some are straight from the mind of a child.

Have fun making your own! Be sure to upload a picture of your own creation to the “Tried It?” section of this pin so I can see what you created!

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