Intro to Back to School Boys Blog Tour

School is back in session! Can I hear a hallelujah? I don’t know about you but my sewing game has tanked over the summer (just take a look at the lack of posts around here lately!). I’ve loved the play time we’ve been able to have, but I love making progress and staying busy even more. Bring on the school year structure!

One of the best ways to jump start a new chapter of creating is with a blog tour. Over the next week we get to see what eight different sewing bloggers made their boys for back to school. The only guideline they were given is to sew something that can be worn back to school, so I’m excited to see what they come up with!

I like to showcase each contributor, so here they are! All the blog specific links and days appear at the end of this post.

  • Tenille's Thread
  • Sewing with D
  • Made for Little Gents
  • Made by Laura!
  • Sew Cute Couture By Kathy
  • Paisley Roots
  • My Sewing Roots
  • Ronda B. Handmade

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Back to School Boys Blog Tour hosted by Made for Little Gents, featuring 8 fantastic styles sewn for boys! #sewing #backtoschool #sewforboys

We’re making back to school fashion fun for boys with all these makes! Check out what each contributor has made:

Thurs. Aug. 23 | Made for Little Gents (Intro to Back to School Boys Blog Tour)
Fri. Aug. 24 | Tenille’s Thread
Mon. Aug. 27 | Sewing with D
Tues. Aug. 28 | Made for Little Gents
Wed. Aug. 29 | Custom Made by Laura
Thurs. Aug. 30 | Sew Cute Couture by Kathy | Paisley Roots
Fri. Aug. 31 | My Sewing Roots | Ronda B. Handmade