A Robot Origami Sweater For School

This post is made in collaboration with several other bloggers as part of the Back to School Boys Blog Tour hosted by yours truly. Make sure to check out the other contributors at the end of this post!

You know those moments when you stop and realize exactly how much time has passed? You see that your baby is no longer a baby and doesn’t need you to hold his hand when he crosses the road. When he’s hungry he can grab a snack and open the tricky packaging all by himself. He can just walk out the door by himself to play with friends, while you sit inside wondering how you got to this point… Oh my word, how did my baby get so big??! I’ve been feeling all the feels lately about this little guy starting 1st grade and going to school full-time, and seeing him look so mature in this sweater I made for him is just the cherry on top. It’s official, Mr. R is a big boy.

Robot Origami Sweater by Made for Little Gents

Yet even when I get overwhelmed by how big he is, I gain comfort that he is still a little boy that gets excited by the simple things. Take this robot print, for example. He was so excited when my shipment came in from Fabric.com that he wrapped himself up and cuddled in this fabric like a blanket before I had a chance to put it away!

My choice for what to make Mr. R for the Back to School Boys Blog Tour came about from an earlier promotion put on by Misusu Patterns. They hosted a “FREEkin’ Sewing Challenge”, promoting their incredible free patterns. While I had full intentions of creating something using one of their free patterns as part of this challenge, the summer got away with me and it never happened. But I did make sure to snag this Origami Sweater pattern during their sale and decided to whip it up for Mr. R.

Robot Origami Sweater by Made for Little Gents


Now a question for you… are you a speed sewer, or are you one who takes her time enjoying every cut and stitch? With a long list of projects to create, it’s easy to rush through the steps to create the final project. When I started sewing the Origami Sweater for Mr. R, I decided to put a little more joy into creating it. And you know what? It was amazing! I can’t even tell you how delightful it was to sew! Instead of seeing how quickly I could run the pieces though the machine, I took the time to hear the motor run, to feel the fabric being taken under my fingers, to see how the puzzle pieces of the pattern fit together. Oh, the joy!


Usually when I sew up a new shirt, I can easily see where everything is going to fit and just use the pattern pieces as a reference. However, this pattern is so unique and versatile I needed to follow along every instruction carefully. I had no clue where each pattern piece might fit just by looking at the shapes of them, and I think that is what made this project especially fun. It really was a puzzle! And when they all started coming together, I’m not going to lie – I giggled with glee. hehe! It was such a fun, fun sew.

Robot Origami Sweater by Made for Little Gents

Both the robot and black square fabric came from Fabric.com, and the coordinating black knit came from JoAnn. I really love the quality of fabrics from Fabric.com. They don’t cost an arm and a leg, there is an incredible selection, and they get shipped pretty quickly too!

Robot Origami Sweater by Made for Little Gents

If you haven’t already, I hope you sew up something for your boy for back to school. It makes the year a little more personal for him and for you. And even though these kids are getting so big so fast, they still miss you at least a little when they leave, so having something momma-made to wear to school helps them remember you when they feel a little home-sick. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself happens sometimes!

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