Magnificent Wizards: a rather extraordinary Halloween blog tour

Hello and welcome to the Magnificent Wizards Blog Tour, where you will discover a magical world of boys parading about in costumed attire. Sewing for boys is a magical thing, as it requires an extra stretch of the imagination in order to make things unique and fun. If you are joining us for the first time, we hope you stick around for future blog tours! Each month there’s a group of special women that come together and sew for the Y chromosome. In the past we’ve celebrated boys in summer, the fourth of July, and even how to turn an ordinary tee into anything but. This here marks our 5th blog tour and I expect it to be the most magnificent yet!

In customary fashion, I like to feature each participant in the tour a little more personally than a simple link to their blog. These women work hard to create things for their boys and they need a little bit of recognition, no? So here they are. Hover (or click if you’re on a touch-screen device) to see the link to the blog. Each post will be active on the day specified below.

So enjoy. Stick around, sew something up for your little wizard, and have a magnificent Halloween.

  • Mon. Oct. 1: Angel Child Clothing
  • Tues. Oct 2: Made for Little Gents
  • Wed. Oct 3: Big Fly Notions
  • Thurs. Oct 4: Tenille's Thread
  • Fri. Oct 5: Sewing Novice
  • Mon. Oct. 8: Paisley Roots
  • Tues. Oct. 9: Made by Laura!
  • Wed. Oct 10: Fee Bricolo
  • Thurs. Oct 11: The Sewing Goatherd
  • Fri. Oct. 12: Manning the Machine

Magnificent Wizards Blog Tour hosted by Made for Little Gents

See what other bloggers are making boys for Halloween by following along on our Magnificent Wizards Blog Tour! Each link will be available the day of or after as posted below.

Fri. Sept. 28 | Made for Little Gents (Intro to Magnificent Wizards Blog Tour)
Mon. Oct. 1 | Angel Child Clothing
Tues. Oct. 2 | Made for Little Gents
Wed. Oct. 3 | Big Fly Notion
Thurs. Oct. 4 | Tenille’s Thread
Fri. Oct. 5 | Sewing Novice
Mon. Oct. 8 | Paisley Roots
Tues. Oct. 9 | Custom Made by Laura
Wed. Oct. 10 | Fée bricolo
Thurs. Oct. 17 | The Sewing Goatherd
Fri. Oct. 12 | Manning the Machine