It’s…… Chewbacca! YEAHHHHNNNNN!!

My children are young enough that they enjoy dressing up together in a theme for Halloween. Several months ago the plan was to do The Wizard of Oz, but after dreading all the tulle I’d need to sew for my epic Glinda costume, Mr. A announced he wanted to be Chewbacca for Halloween. No matter that we’ve done Star Wars costumes a few years ago, we can do it all over again! So with that, the Star Wars threesome was born. See Baby-8 (BB-8) here, and the next one in the saga will appear next week!

Little Boy's Chewbacca Costume by Made for Little Gents

*One week ago, I was scheduled to post for the My Monster blog tour hosted by Sewing By Ti. Did it happen? No. So sorry friends! So I’m finally getting around to sharing Chewbacca as part of it. Thank you Ti for throwing such a fun tour together! Make sure to click through all the links at the end of this page for more Halloween goodies!

My Monster Blog Tour

I have this problem – I can’t make simple costumes. I simply don’t no know how to do “simple”. When I searched for ideas on making Chewbacca, I found plenty of cute little furry monsters… but nothing really legitimately looked like Chewbacca. Either the fur was too short, the coloring wasn’t right, or I wasn’t a fan of how the face was done (though I am dying over this crocheted Chewbacca mask!). So I created… this. A long haired, fully fur-covered Chewbacca. And Mr. A loves it. Every time he puts it on he gets very giddy and keeps shouting “Chewbacca!” over and over. We kind of suck at making Chewie’s sound, but I’m sure if we could figure it out he’d be shouting that too.

The Chewbacca costume is composed of six wigs, all cut up and sewn and hot-glued onto some ready-to-wear (RTW) clothing purchased at Walmart. I found these wigs (color UT2427) at an incredible price (only $4.99 each when I bought them!). The colors in the wigs were nearly perfect. My only regret is that I didn’t buy a couple more! I had to straighten the hair in the wigs with my flat iron since they were curly, and as much as I wanted to I don’t think Chewbacca would appreciate having a perm. I also chopped the wigs to be a more appropriate length. There wasn’t quite enough wig parts to fit on all of the clothing, so I had to hand glue some of the chopped off hairs on the pants. As a result this costume sheds. But it’s all worth it in the end, right?

Little Boy's Chewbacca Costume by Made for Little Gents

To be honest the only actual sewing that happened here was some hand-sewing I did to put some of the wig pieces on the shirt’s hood. I soon realized it was going to take a very, very long time to do this, so I hot-glued the rest! It’s kind of a heavy costume, I’m sure mostly because of all the hair, but the hot glue doesn’t help either. I think I used at least 20 sticks to make this!

I used a simple white mask I found at Jo-Ann as the base for Chewie’s face, used a black sharpie to color the nose and around the eyes, and continued in my hot gluing escapades to attach pieces of hair all over. In addition, it’s hard to see in the pictures, but Mr. A is also wearing hair hot-glued slippers. Seriously, so much glue!

Little Boy's Chewbacca Costume by Made for Little Gents

For Chewie’s bandolier, I sewed up a strip of faux leather, had my husband cut out wooden blocks, then spray painted those blocks and glued them onto the leather with a skinny strip of leather overlapping them. I also added a little pouch at the bottom of the bandolier, based off of this pattern.

Aaand that’s it! I’m still cleaning up pieces of hair from all over the house, and I expect I will be over the next year. But for the smile this little guy gives me, I think it’s all worth it.

Little Boy's Chewbacca Costume by Made for Little Gents

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